Two organizers actually met IRL — in Weimar

By Lene Rachel Andersen

OK, under normal circumstances, this would not be newsworthy, but these are not normal times.

The European Bildung Days 2020 and 2021 were organized entirely online. Except for Mette and myself, who may have spent a total of 8 work days together at the Nordic Bildung office since March 2020, Sandra, Niklas, Nadja, Mette, Marc, and I have organized everything without meeting in real life.

Great was therefore the joy, when Sandra (Eindhoven) and I (Copenhagen) realized we would be in Weimar simultaneously for around 9 hours. This rare occasion was celebrated with big smiles, beer and a photo. (We tried to get Goethe and Schiller to join us, but they never showed up. Men!)

We are looking SO much forward to meeting you all some day, with our without beer!

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