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Keep Growing

Published June 2020

Bildung is moral and emotional maturity. Bildung is also to have the education and knowledge necessary to thrive in your society; bildung is to be deeply embedded in culture and community while having the autonomy to carve your own path in life. Bildung is always personal and unique.

As we are facing new challenges from digitization, globalization, a pandemic and environmental changes we need bildung for the 21st century and the book concludes by exploring what that might look like.

This book is a condensed version of The Nordic Secret plus some more hands-on suggestions for how to develop bildung for the future.

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The Nordic Secret

Ever wondered why the Nordic countries are so succesful? Ever considered if your country could be more like the Nordic countries? 

The Nordic countries invested in their people early on. High quality, free for all primary, secondary and thertiary schools, and affordable adult education. What was unique about the adult education as early as the 1860s, was that it focused strongly on history, literature, culture in general, and the latest science. Particularly groundbreaking was that students were supposed to learn by asking questions and forming their own opinion.

Awesome countries came out of this. The Nordic Secret tells you how.

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How do we move beyond postmodernism and create a sustainable and meaningful future for the planet?

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Keynotes and workshops

Keynotes can be anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, workshops can be from 1 to 5 hours.

Below are some suggested themes; let’s find out what you would like for your organization and audience.

The Nordic Secret



Systems thinking

How to mature wisely

America, what’s wrong with you?

The mindfulness trap

21st century tech and ethics

21st century leadership


Don’t take my word for it – here’s what people say:

Eminently sharp, well presented and with a dash of satire. LRA grasps the very big narratives and elegantly links them to the current context for the presentation and our conference: educational guidance during a paradigm shift. LRA’s introductory keynote gave us a start, which lifted the entire conference right from the beginning.

Pia Vigh

Youth Guidance Denmark

When several students announce excitedly that they have plenty of notes from the presentation that they need to investigate further, I know that the presentation has been a success.

Merete Østergaard

Scandinavian Design College

This was so exciting, I just kept knitting and now the sock is too long…

Wonderful Grandma

Public lecture

Where is LRA?


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Next Scandinavia is my own company, Nordic Bildung is the think tank that I co-founded together with a wonderful group of people.
I basically do the same in both places:
think, write, organize and host workshops and conferences, and deliver fun and meaningful keynotes and workshops.
Looking very much forward to hearing from you.

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