I am an economist, author, futurist, philosopher and Bildung activist. After studying business economy for three years, I worked as a temp teacher before I studied theology. During my studies, I wrote entertainment for Danish television until I decided to quit theology, become a fulltime writer and focus on technological development, big history and the future of humanity.

Since 2005, I have written 18 books and received two Danish democracy awards: Ebbe Kløvedal-Reich Democracy Baton (2007) and Døssing Prisen, the Danish librarians’ democracy prize (2012).

Among my books are The Nordic Secret (2017), co-developed and edicted by Club of Rome member Tomas Björkman Metamodernity (2019) and Bildung (2020).

I am a full member of the Club of Rome, President of the Copenhagen based think tank Nordic Bildung and co-founder of the European Bildung Network.