The First Ever Bildung Summit in Armenia

By Grant Danduroff, Yerevan

Inspired by the idea of Bildung, SEP (Self Education Platform) organized the “Con-SEP-tion Summit” in Aghveran Park Resort on July 18, 2021.

Over 400 participants and 140 of them from 4 regions of Armenia, more than 50 speakers, seminars/workshops in the fields of:

  • Science, history, culture
  • Business and Marketing
  • IT
  • Psychology and Coaching, Art-therapy
  • Woodcraft, pottery, soap, and jewelry making
  • Music and Social Dances
  • Yoga and First Aid
  • HR, Freelance
  • Restauration
  • The Art of Speech
  • National Brand Creation
  • Librarianship
  • Ecology


“Con-SEP-tion Summit” provided the perfect environment for networking. Finding like-minded people, forming new organizations/movements, realizing new projects, those are the core aims of SEP.

During the summit, suddenly rain broke out but it turned out amazing. People were dancing in the rain, laughing, riding horses, and continuing the workshops.

The positive energy was overwhelming. Smiling faces, curious eyes, crafty hands, hot discussions, horses, rain, new experiences. The motto “Inhale knowledge, exhale skills” was guided throughout the event.

After the seminars, workshops, and discussions, the calming melodies of hang summarised the day. Bildung was in the air!

In the example of national folk schools in Scandinavian countries, SEP creates non-formal education platforms all across Armenia. For the past 6 months, more than 70 different events were organized by SEP.

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